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    Since 1989, our winery is located in Olympou Street, Kalochori, very close to the first family winery and just ten kilometers from the heart of Thessaloniki. The location brings back lots of good memories, as it used to be the former spot of “Melissa” dry cleaning store, owned by Konstantia Kechris’ father. To his credit, the retail shop in the winery’s new wing is named after his business.


    Our wines, vinificated in our recently completed facilities, are the result of the skill, care and experience of our production team, composed of Stelios Kechris, Nikos Konstantinides and Eleni Kechris, our enologists, as well as George Tsinides, our agriculturalist. Our team’s objective is the vinification of top-quality retsinas and wines that stand out in domestic and international wine competitions and meet the needs of our customers and wine lovers worldwide.


    Skin contact at low temperature, transfer of grape must to stainless steel tanks, settling, inoculation with yeasts, fermentation at controlled low temperature and transfer to new tanks up until the bottling process. For certain types of white wines, fermentation is conducted in oak barrels. For the vinification of our retsinas, we follow exactly the same method with a difference - in the beginning of the fermentation process we add a specific quantity of fresh pine resin, which is removed at the end of the process.


    Transfer of grape must and pomace to stainless steel tanks, inoculation with yeasts, fermentation under controlled conditions, long maceration and maturation in French oak barrels for a period of 6-24 months depending on the wine type and the desired end-result.


    Our winery is open to all wine lovers and anyone eager for the art of winemaking by appointment. Visits comprise of a short introduction to the winemaking tradition and philosophy of Kechris family and a guided tour around the wine-production, ageing and bottling areas. Visitors can taste our top-quality retsinas and wines in the special wine-tasting room.

    As a founding member of the “Wines of North Greece” association, we actively participate in the events organized by the “Wine Roads of North Greece”, a unique tourism and culture program that offers visitors the opportunity to discover the wineries, the winemakers and the wines of North Greece.